Our Philosophy

"Investing in the business rather than in the stock".

To help attain this philosophy consistently, we are inspired by the petals of the Blue Lotus. The petals represent guiding principles which serve as a platform to conduct our business as well as a barrier to making common mistakes.


Objectivity and rationality are essential qualities for independence of thought. Mimicking others only leads to regression to the mean. Independent focused research is the bedrock to our investment process.

Intellectual Humility

Acknowledgment of what one does not know is essential for drawing of wisdom. BLC seeks to expand and uncover competence of business by consulting and conversing with eminent sector experts. Third party validation is fundamental to counter biases and uncover further Insights.

Decisiveness and Focus

Key to success is to act in a decisive manner when the proper circumstances present themselves.Decisiveness and Focus means not to allocate capital on the 25th best idea but have the gumption to back your best conviction. That leads to focused Concentration towards the best work.


Resisting natural human bias to act is critical to long term wealth creation. Unleashing compounding and reducing unnecessary transaction cost is our goal.This would lead to low churn.